Strip Lash Application

Posted By Love Lashing  
13:00 PM

Meet Cher she's always on point likes to make a statement all Love Lashing's Mink Strip Lashes have a cotton band not plastic so is comfortable to wear and maintain for mulitiple uses when cared for properly

Lash Application

1. To be sure the Strip Lashes has a perfect fit make sure you align the lashes with your own natural lashes before using any glue to check the correct fit.  You may trim the outer corners if need be

2. To make sure your getting the best effect you can put mascara on your natural lashes first especially if your lashes are fair but do not put mascara on the Mink Strip Lashes as it may affect the longevity of them

3. Apply a thin line of eyelash strip glue along the lash band and wait 30 seconds before placing the lashes as close to the lash line as possible.  Use tweezers or special applicator if necessary

4. Gently press down across the band making sure a secure bond has accured along the entire lash line